【Official】Wada Precision Dental Laboratories U.S.A.
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About us

Our History

In 1958, Hiroki Wada started making dentures with metal frameworks. He went on to establish Wada Precision Dental Laboratories Co., Ltd. in 1966. Today, the company supplies dental restoration products with technologies cultivated over 60 years as a full-service lab. Currently, we have 55 sales offices and 22 laboratories in Japan. In 2023, we founded a dental laboratory in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., as our first anticipated overseas expansion.

CEO (U.S.)

Takeshi Kutsumizu

“As a member of the family of dental professionals, we would like to be the best partner with dentists all over the world and together support patient health and smiles. And, we would like you to experience Japanese denture technologies that we have cultivated for over 60 years”.

* Japanese website click here→ http://www.labowada.co.jp/