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Reasons for opening the specialized denture lab in the United States

To deliver “MoutHappiness”
We do not only simply fabricate and provide dentures,
but also we lead the patients to their smile.
We make them happy with "NANPARA“ method.
"NANPARA" is one of few methods that can diagnose on where the problem is.
We would like to use this method developed in Japan for the peoples in the United States.
And we hope that patients will experience
*“MoutHappiness” is our created word "mouth"+"happiness"


We started denture fabrication in Japan in 1958 and now produce over 200,000 dentures annually. So, how exactly do we help the patient to regain their smile? Continuous improvement everyday, Japanese hospitality known as omotenashi, technologies and skills that we have cultivated over our long history. And, our “Super-Technician”* Shoji Yamada, CDT puts his heart, soul and know-how into every denture.* “Super-Technician” is a certification within our company. Currently, only 40 out of over 800 technicians are certified Super-Technicians.

Product Introduction

All of our dentures are manufactured and supervised by Certified Dental Technician Shoji Yamada, who has 27 years of experience in Japan. We read the anatomical indicators from the dental model, then design and produce the dentures. We are able to propose a proper denture making method for team medical purposes.

Measurement Diagnostic Model

We use an original measurement diagnostic model based on a standard value calculated from patient data and an original device.